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Terms and Conditions

Ca' Do Pozzi house

We also request that you print and sign the downloadable TERMS AND CONDITIONS FORM, and that you send it by fax ore scanned together with the BOOKING FORM.

If you decide to book Ca' Corte Rota, you choose to enter into an agreement with the Host of Ca'Corte Rota and you agree to accept the rules and restrictions associated with the accommodation.

In connection with your requested booking, you will be asked to provide customary billing information such as name, billing address and credit card details to pay the reservation deposit. You therefore authorize, by signing the credit card form, the collection of the RESERVATION DEPOSIT by charging the credit card as part of your request of booking.

You can consider the apartment booked ONLY after you've paid the reservation deposit and have received the booking confirmation voucher.

  1. In order to book the apartment we request
    1. The RESERVATION DEPOSIT of 60,00 euros and the FIRST DAY RENT (which varies according to the number of nights you will spend at the house) to be paid by Credit Card in advance, when you book the apartment;
    2. The BALANCE OF THE RENT to be entirely paid in cash the day of your check-in;
    3. The SECURITY DEPOSIT of 350,00 euros to be paid in cash upon arrival.
    4. The cleaning fee of 50,00 euros the day of the check-in, needed for cleaning the house after your check-out.
    The security deposit will be refunded in full the day of your check-out, granted that no damage was done to the property.

  2. Guests are responsible for providing the correct date of arrival and departure, the number of nights they will spend at the apartment, and all the and all the information requested on the Booking Form. It is also requested that a copy of the Passport (I.D. card for EU citizens) of all guests that will stay at the apartment is provided.

  3. When you book the apartment you understand and agree our CANCELLATION POLICY, as well as the DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY, and ALL ACCESSORIES provided information requested on the Booking Form. It is also requested that a copy of the Passport (I.D. card for EU citizens) of all guests that will stay at the apartment is provided.

  4. As a Guest, you are responsible for leaving the Apartment in the condition it was when you arrived. You acknowledge and agree that, as a Guest, you are responsible for the acts and ommissions of any individuals who you invite to, or otherwise provide access to the Apartment. In the evidence of damages, missing accessories, or loss that you caused, or are responsible for, you agree to pay the cost of replacing any damaged item with equivalent item.

  5. When a booking is confirmed, you will receive our "Booking confirmation voucher" summarizing your confirmed booking details, containing all the information needed to reach the apartment, and to contact our staff the day of your check-in. You are requested to print and bring the voucher with you the day of your arrival in Venice. There will be no refund if you don't find the apartment because you didn't bring the voucher with you

  6. Once the apartment is booked, if you cancel at any time, the reservation deposit will be held as cancellation fee, and will not be refunded.

  7. PETS: cats and dogs of any size are warmly accepted

  8. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: the Guest cannot bring a party, including children, that exceeds the number of people stated in the booking confirmation

  9. PRIVACY: All information provided by the Guests is strictly private and shall be used only for the services or to support your request, according to the Italian Legislation (D. Lgs. n. 196 of June 30, 2003 - "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali"). No address, phone numbers, or other information of yours will be granted to outsiders, and all your data will be treated to ensure customer privacy

  10. APPLICABLE LAW: These bookings conditions are subject to the Italian law. In case of any dispute the Court of Venice will be the only competent body.